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"...for what we think and what we eat - combined together - make what we are, physically and mentally."

— Edgar Cayce

Book Reviews

Two Local Reviews

The Virginian-Pilot Lorraine Eaton’s Five Best Cookbooks in her blog The fattest cookbooks of the decade (and the skinniest). Read the full article from the Virginia Beach native creates locavore-friendly cookbook.

Review from midwestbookreview.com

The late Edgar Cayce is chiefly noted as an American mystic. What is not so commonly known is that he also had a great deal to share about the value of holistic medicine, including the critical importance of the diet to good health. In "Bobbie's Organic Planet: How To Buy Local And Cook Global", author Bobbie Williamson draws upon advice from Edgar Cayce, her life abroad living abroad in six countries on three continents, and her many years of experience and expertise with the culinary traditions of foreign cultures to write instructional commentaries and compile the organic recipes comprising this treasure trove of nutritious, delicious, seasonal recipes.

Enhanced for the novice kitchen cook with practical advice on stocking a pantry, identifying essential ingredients for the modern kitchen cupboard, and even useful food combinations, "Bobbie's Organic Planet" showcases not just individual recipes but also has a section dedicated to menu suggestions. With recipes ranging from Black Bean Hummus; Mediterranean Anchovy Vinaigrette; Chilled Melon Soup; and Lake Geneva Perch Filets; to Moroccan Chicken Tagine; French Tarte Tatin; Cinnamon Applesauce; and Grilled Portobello Mushroom Canapes, "Bobbie's Organic Planet" is a welcome and highly recommended addition to personal, family, and community library multinational cookbook collections.

Reviewer: Midwest Book Review


Venture Inward, November/December 2009

This is a beautiful book in so many ways. It is a pleasure just to leaf through the pages to see delightful fullcolor photos of appealing foods, exotic locales, and warm moments that Bobbie has shared with family and friends. The format combines memoir with recipe, so that in one column we experience being with Bobbie in Canada, Greece, Morocco, France, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, or perhaps Virginia Beach, VA. In the opposing column we are given a recipe from that area, written with clear instructions and advice on adapting the recipe to make it one's own.

This is an oversize paperback, and the special binding allows the book to lie open at any page for easy referral to the recipes. Bobbie has been providing delicious and wholesome meals for A.R.E. conferees, volunteers, and staff for many years. She is well-versed in the Edgar Cayce material regarding diet and health, and there is ample information regarding the 80/20 alkaline/acid balance, as well as suggestions for combining and balancing food according to the Cayce readings. She offers insight into the efficacy of buying from local food merchants and for the practicality of using organic foods whenever possible. By using green italics in her recipes, Bobbie designates the foods that she urges to be organic, for health as well as taste. In addition to global recipes, from hors d'oeuvres to dessert, Bobbie has provided menu suggestions, information on herbs and edible flowers, and advice on stocking your pantry for giving an international flair to your cooking.

This book is lovingly prepared and enthusiastically presented, encouraging the user to "buy local and think global." I believe Bobbie's cookbook would bring a measure of joy to anyone's kitchen.

Reviewer: Marianne Cappeto, A.R.E. Library Volunteer