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"...for what we think and what we eat - combined together - make what we are, physically and mentally."

— Edgar Cayce

About the Book

Book Information

TitleBobbie's Organic Planet: How to Buy Local and Cook Global
Page Count250
IllustrationsIllustrations Yes, 4-color pictures
Trim Size8 x 10
BindingPaperback, Trade Paper
CategoriesCooking / Health & Healing / General, Methods / Gourmet, Specific Ingredients / Natural Foods
BISAC CodesCKB059000, CKB037000, CKB039000
Carton Qty30
SeasonFall 2009
Ship DateJune 1, 2009
Pub DateNovember 1, 2009
Author's ResidenceNorfolk, VA


Preparing delicious, international cuisine using local and organic foods. Recipes are in line with the diet recommended by the "father of holistic medicine," Edgar Cayce. A local, organic diet is supportive of the environment.

Book Description

Bobbie Williamson combines her years of international cuisine preparation with advice from the Edgar Cayce readings to help you create healthful, delicious meals that you, your family, and your body will love. Bobbie's years of living abroad, in places as diverse as Switzerland and the Middle East, taught her the importance of a diet rich in locally bought, organic, and seasonal foods that are naturally healthy.

In her warm and engaging style, she shares simple yet priceless advice on how to stock your pantry, essential ingredients for any kitchen, proper food combinations, and yummy recipes like soulful soups, delightful appetizers, easy and exotic entrées, and show-stopping desserts.

Author Bio

Having lived in six countries on three continents, Bobbie Williamson's global travels afforded her the special opportunity to absorb not only the distinct qualities of foreign cultures, but also to learn a wide variety of culinary techniques. Her unique cooking style incorporates both Edgar Cayce's healthy philosophy regarding food combinations along with Bobbie's own favorite Mediterranean, Asian, and Middle Eastern cuisines.

Selling Points

The time is right for both an organic and local diet; people are concerned about their carbon footprint and rising health care costs. We and the author have produced and created a promotional DVD of three cooking shows that we are working to place on PBS. The author is well-known for her natural cooking and catering in the Hampton Roads area and with the A.R.E. audience.

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